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Carrie Cogswell

iKids Director

Carrie grew up just outside of Nashville, TN, but has lived in the Metro Detroit area most of her adult life. Carrie now lives in Redford with her husband, Mac, mother in law, daughter, 3 grandkids, dog, cat and bunny. Along with Carrie's love for God and our church, she is happiest caring for all of God's children especially the little ones. Her interest includes nurturing and showing God's love, time with family and friends, Friday night game nights, being outside and visiting lighthouses.

Jared Takasaki

Worship Director

Jared is the Worship Director at Ignition Church.  Music has always been a passion of his ever since learning the ukulele in the 7th grade on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  Now, he's using those gifts to help educate the Body of Christ in what it means to "worship the Father in spirit and truth" (John 4:23-24).  Having visited Port Huron on a youth missions trip in high school, Jared had always hoped to one day live in Michigan. Now that they've settled in Detroit Metro, Jared, his beautiful wife, and their daughter enjoy pokemon hunting, gardening, watching anime, and playing in the snow (for now).

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Mike Fabian

Lead Pastor

    Mike is the lead pastor and teacher at Ignition Church. Mke has a passion for serving others, and helping people connect God's word to everyday life. Mike and his wife Jodi live in Livonia and have 4 great kids who stay very active. During his free time, Mike enjoys lifting weights, playing video games, and reading comics. As a Metro-Detroit native, Mike grew up drinking the Detroit Lions Kool-aid and is a die hard Michigan Wolverine fan.

    Erin Piper


    Campus Director

      Erin is the Campus Director at Ignition Church. She's lived in Metro-Detroit her entire life, and currently lives in Livonia with her husband Nick and their two kids. Erin talks too much, and loves meeting new people and welcoming them to the church. She feels strongly that the church should be a welcoming place where people of all backgrounds can come to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus. She loves: trying new restaurants, Anne of Green Gables, Gilmore Girls, scheming about Disney World trips, and nights when her kids are asleep before 8.


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      Mike Fabian
      Erin Piper
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      Jodi Fabian
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      Patrick Crandell
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      Nick Piper
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