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Moving can be a stressful and uncertain time. We hope to take some of the uncertainty out by having this page of Frequently Asked Questions and answers. As things change, information will be updated on this page, so check back often!

Have a question that's not on this list? See the bottom of the page for more info!

The Big Questions

When Are We Moving?

Where Are We Moving?

Where Are We At in the Process of Moving? 

When's the First Sunday at Franklin?

Why Are We Moving?

How Long Will We Be Meeting at Franklin?

Programming Questions

Will There Be Children's Church (iKids) at the New Location?

Will There Be a Nursery At the New Location?

Will We Still Have Small Groups? Where Will They Meet?

What Will Christmas and Easter Be Like at Franklin?

Individual Questions

How Can I Help Serve as We Transition to Franklin?

What Will My Volunteer Duties Look Like in the New Space?

Can I Invite Someone To Church Before the Official Launch Date?

Can I Take A Certain Item From the Church Home With Me?  


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(if it's a really good question, we might add it to this FAQ!)

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