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The goal of Fuse is to help students ignite and fuel their passion for God!

Middle & High School Students

Fuse is an Ignition Group geared specifically for middle and high school-aged students. Like the adult Ignition Groups, the lessons will spin out of the Sunday morning message to foster an environment where the principles that the students are learning are the same as those that their parents are learning. It is our hope that this will help foster spiritual conversations between parents and their children. We believe that the most important spiritual influence on a student's spiritual life is their parents, and we want to help that discipleship happen.


In keeping with the focus of Ignition Church, Fuse will work on four areas as we strive to follow Jesus and impact the world.


Reach out with love.

Relate in small groups.

Reinvest in the next generation.

Recharge on Sunday morning gatherings.


It is our goal to include the students as active members in our church, not just relegate them to being the future of the church. Spinning out of Fuse, students will be encouraged to go to conferences designed to invigorate them spiritually, participate in church activities with their families, and get involved in ministries of the church including, but not limited, to mission trips.

Come join us!

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Inviting people to ignite and grow their passion for Jesus.

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