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Fill up on fun!

Open Hours


Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

An adventure for kids is waiting. One of the best jobs ever is getting to be a parent. But we know it can be a challenge to find fun, safe, and non-expensive places for your kids to play. That’s why we offer Fuel for your kids to come play for free some weekdays—and Sunday after our worship service.


At Fuel, your kids can come play for free while you enjoy some great coffee in a great atmosphere. We proudly serve up hot (and cold!) drinks made with beans from locally owned Great Lakes Coffee, so you can refuel while your kids play. They'll enjoy taking a break and grabbing a snack, too, so we serve healthy snacks, as well as a few treats for them to enjoy! Follow us on Facebook for updates
and events!

Fuel Playscape Rules


All users play at their own risk.

All guests must sign in immediately upon arrival.

An adult must supervise all children.

Shoes must be removed and placed in storage before entering the playscape or toddler area.

Socks must be worn at all times and are available for purchase in most sizes at the cafe.

The toddler area is for children four and under.

Refrain from running and jumping outside of the equipment.

Food and beverages are not permitted inside the playscape.

Respect everyone in and outside of the playscape.

Would you please report any misuse of equipment, messes, or emergencies to the cafe team?

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